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Friends of the ASB Hunter Pleasure Horse

They say it takes a village to make change. So, let's get together to help our horses, serve our passion and become an important part of our industry.

Now is the time to contact your local horse show management to ask for , and SPONSOR , an OPEN American Saddlebred Hunter Pleasure Class. This will encourage trainers capable of working young hunter pleasure prospects into showing them and/or older horses that are needing to make thetransition. Let's give these young athletes a place to go and shine!

As a trainer and breeder myself, I see a better future for the horses that do not fit into the 3-Gaited or 5-Gaited divisions , getting a better start with the proper frame , natural movement and no reason for set tails. These horses will be of high quality and no less beautiful than their show horse siblings.

Their value will increase as they will be showring ready for amateurs new to the breed or those long time supporters of the Saddlebred who would like to enjoy riding huntseat. This will give breeders incentive to register their foals, and the horses will be of more value in their eyes. No more throwaways, fewer will end up in the kill pen.

Of course this class will be open to all riders, but this might encourage trainers from other breeds along with their new clientele to enjoy our wonderful horse. Those who already participate Support every single ASB Hunter pleasure class offered to send a message loud and clear that the ASB Hunter has arrived and is here to stay. Take advantage of venues that welcome your entries , stay positive, encourage others to do so as well.

Band together, be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Let's focus on being a strong , positive, united group. Let's take this one step at a time. Our horses are counting on us.

Classes already added at the following shows:

Indianapolis Charity May 30- June 2 Shelby County Fair Horse Show - June 20-23 St. Louis National - September 26-29

“Let's focus on being a strong, positive, and united group. Let's take this one step at a time. Our Horse Are Counting on Us”

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